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IIS marked World Environment Day on June 5th with vibrant presentations and a variety of conservation awareness programs. The campus was abuzz with activities centered around the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution.” Students had a wonderful opportunity to gain insights and firsthand experience of different aspects of our environment through the organised activities. Debates on whether “climate change is a natural phenomenon or man-made” engaged students from the Girls’ and Boys’ sections. Additionally, a quiz and PowerPoint presentation on the hazards of plastic pollution were conducted.

Enthusiastic participation in the celebration extended to the Kindergarten and junior sections. In the KG section, students dressed up as Earth, trees, wild animals, sea animals, flowers, and more. Activity sheets based on the theme “Save Our Planet” were distributed for coloring. Students of the Junior Section wholeheartedly engaged in creating collages, making paper bags, and showcasing their creativity in the “Best Out of Waste” activity. The students also took charge of an awareness campaign aimed at spreading the message of reducing plastic pollution.

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