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School Transport

The School owns 43 air-conditioned buses and hires 59 others, which ply between different areas and the school. All buses are well-maintained and managed by experienced drivers and supporting staff. All vehicles are routinely monitored for their safety features and the transport department staff members have a strong reporting structure to ensure ease of transport. The school ensures all the measures in security and safety of students even while they are in the school bus. The school considers the school bus as major part of the school where in they learn the practical importance of safety. The school will abide by all the regulations of the country’s transport laws and also the Supreme Education Council.

Highlights in the Bus
1) While boarding or getting off, walk in front of the bus, never walk behind the bus.
2) Occupy a seat and don’t move about.
3) Don’t distract the driver.
4) Don’t throw any thrash in or out of the bus.
5) Don’t put your head or hands out of the bus.
6) Don’t move until the bus stops.
7) Maintain good discipline in the bus.

Guidelines for use of Transport
1) School transport will be provided subject to availability of buses and seats depending upon the accessibility and distance from the school.

2) Complete address and mobile number to be provided to the Transport Coordinator. Any change should be intimated immediately.

3) Students will be allowed to use only the allotted bus and the pickup point. No change will be allowed without prior written permission from the school.

4) Parents are requested not to board the school buses, or argue with the teachers, driver or conductors in the bus. Written complaints or problems if any, can be handed over to the transport in-charge.

5) Students should reach the pickup point five minutes before the scheduled time, students should also board the bus immediately after the school gets over. Buses will not wait for late comers.

6) All students should occupy the seats immediately after boarding the buses. They should not move around in the bus when in motion.

7) Students should not put their heads or hands out of the window. No trash should be thrown inside or outside the bus.

8) Unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited.

9) Students will be responsible for any damage caused by their negligence. Their bus service will be discontinued without further notice.

10) Parents of KG and Junior classes have to ensure that their wards do not go to and from the bus unescorted.

11) The driver’s attention must not be diverted for any reason.

12) Transport fees should be paid on time.

For all transport inquiries communication shall be made to the following numbers : 44684849 / 33059458 / 55365787