The Campus

The school houses four sections, two of which, are divided on the basis of gender, and the other sections , designated to junior & kindergarten students. These wings are specialized in different ways, to cater to the students belonging to them. Our school also comprises of a house system, where each student, is affiliated with a particular house, named after 4 colours, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Students of these houses compete in various extra-curricular activities in the fields of sports, arts, and sciences, representing their houses, and leading them to victory. As you can see, Ideal Indian School is a one-of-a-kind learning experience for young minds. We would be more than happy to have your child studying with us.​



Children between the age of 3 and 5 are ready for kindergarten school. As the child gets the first experience of school life over here, we at Ideal Indian School focus on value education, personal attention and developing written and spoken skills. Emphasis is on a wide range of activities and competitions held throughout the tear like Earth day, World food day, children’s day, Qatar environment day, Action song, recitation, Fancy dress, Dance, Art and Craft competitions.


Junior Section

The Junior Section of Ideal Indian School accommodates the students from classes I to IV. The current student strength of this wing is 2118 with a staff of 79 teachers, all well qualified , dedicated and well experienced. Each class has 12-15 sections with a total of 50 classes. In addition to this, this wing also has a Resource Room, a class room for children with special needs. There are at present 10 students in this section. This section is under the care of Ms. Geetha K, the special educator.

Boy's Section

The Boys’ Section of Ideal Indian School has classes from Std V to Std XII. The Section has fully equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering drawing. There is an activity room to conduct activities and seminars etc. It is equipped with multimedia projector and T.V. There are separate computer laboratories for senior and junior students. The wing has a multiple play area to play Basket Ball, Tennis, badminton and volley ball. It has a flood lit cricket ground.

Girl's Section

The girls section of the Ideal Indian School houses the girl students from classes V to XII. The state of the art facilities include well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry. Biology, informatics and engineering graphics. A library to quench every child’s thirst for knowledge and airy activity hall to encourage indoor games and literary activities, music and dance rooms for those artistically bent their minds are a few to mention.