In line with our school’s commitment to practical learning, IIS organized an industrial visit to the Seashore Group at Al Khor Industrial Area for the students of Engineering Graphics. The students visited the Facilities- Mechanical, Galvanizing and Painting division of Seashore Engineering which provided an exceptional opportunity for students to observe firsthand manufacturing procedures in the real world and acquire valuable practical insights into the industry. The trip proved immensely advantageous for the students, enhancing their understanding and knowledge of the industrial sector while allowing them to explore a wide range of industrial processes. The officials of the Seashore group briefed the students about the overall operations of the Seashore Engineering Division, highlighting its role in the manufacturing sector and its contribution to the industry. They emphasized the importance of precision engineering, quality control, and adherence to safety standards in their daily operations. At the conclusion of the industrial visit, the students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Seashore Group for generously providing them with such a valuable opportunity to explore their facilities.

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