Ideal Indian School recently hosted the 7th Annual Interschool Uswa-E-Rasool Elocution and Recitation competition with profound reverence and solemnity. The competition featured two topics: “Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) compassion towards children” for juniors and “Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) message of unity and brotherhood” for seniors.

Among the 15 participating schools in this grand event, Ideal Indian School emerged triumphant, securing the overall trophy for the 7th consecutive year.

In the senior category, Aftab Ahmad (XII-C) and Khuzaima Kazmi (IX-F) from Ideal Indian School claimed the first position in Qur’an Recitation, while Farha Naaz (XII-F) earned the first position for Elocution. In the junior category, Anum Manzoor (VIII-J) secured the second position for Elocution. Remarkably, Ideal Indian School clinched the overall trophy in both Elocution and Qur’an Recitation, making it the crowning achievement of the event.

Mr. Shaikh Shamim Saheb, Principal, IIS  extended his heartfelt congratulations to the students, teachers, and participants from other schools. He expressed gratitude towards the event’s convener, Mr. Azam Khan (V.P. Junior Section), and specifically acknowledged the HOD of Arabic, Dr. Ehtesham, and his team for their exceptional success. He also thanked all the heads of sections and conveyed the appreciation of IIS President Dr. Hassan Kunhi M P for the dedicated efforts of students and teachers that contributed to this grand success.

The Elocution competition had distinguished judges, including Mr. Sajid Ahmad (Mechanical Engineer, presently working in Qatar Energy), Ms. Mishail Al-Malki (Senior Communication Specialist), and Dr. Muslehuddin (Islamic Thinker and scholar). The Qur’an Recitation competition was evaluated by Shaikh Tahir Ibraheem Ali Al-Ahdal (Imam & Khateeb in Awqaf), Qari Abdul Aziz (Imam & Khateeb), and Qari Mohammad Merajul Haq Nadwi (Imam & Khateeb).

During the closing ceremony, the Chief Guest, Ms. Mishail Al-Malki, conveyed the message of Islam to the audience and commended the students and the Arabic Department for their unwavering dedication and hard work.

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