The Department of Mathematics inaugurated the Maths club on 22 May 2024. The event marked a significant milestone in the school’s commitment to fostering a love for mathematics and providing students with opportunities to explore the subject beyond the classroom.

The students from various grades displayed their innovative projects and models, ranging from geometric constructions and algebraic puzzles to statistical analysis and real-life applications of calculus. Several students presented interesting mathematical projects and models they had worked on. Their presentations showcased their creativity and the practical applications of mathematical concepts.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb, Principal of Ideal Indian School, inaugurated the event by cutting the ribbon. He was accompanied by the Heads of Sections of the Boys, Girls, Junior, and KG sections. A special moment of the event was the unveiling of the Maths Club logo by the Principal, Heads of all sections, and the Mathematics Head of the Department. It features a blend of geometric shapes and mathematical symbols, representing the diverse fields within mathematics. The office bearers of the club were inducted on the occasion. Luqman Ameen from Class XII B was appointed as President of Boys’ Section Iffat Fatimah of Class XII F as the President of Girls’ Section, followed by Jagreet Singh Sidhu from Class XII A as the Secretary from the Boys’ section, and Aqsa Ameer of Class XII E as the Secretary from the Girls’ section.

In an inspiring speech, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb expressed the importance of Maths in our daily lives. He also spoke about the numerous career opportunities available for those passionate about mathematics and encouraged students to pursue their interests with dedication and enthusiasm. He congratulated the students and teachers who worked tirelessly to bring this club to life.

The teachers and students of all classes visited the exhibition. More than 180 models were exhibited. Many projects showcased collaborative efforts, emphasizing teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration. Numerous projects demonstrated a strong connection to real-world applications.

The event was hosted by Dafydd and Riti Doshi of Class 12. Bhavith Babu welcomed the gathering and Ayesha Reem proposed the vote of thanks. Head boy Gouri Shankar enlightened the objectives and importance of the Club.

Author: ideal school