Ideal Indian School conducted a workshop for students of Grades 4 and 5 on Book reading, Analysis and Presentation, Impromptu speaking abilities, Goal setting, Life Skill Building and Trivia. The resource person for the two-day workshop was Ms. Sushma Harish – Life Coach, Mentor and Author. Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb and the Heads of the Boys, Girls, Junior and KG sections graced the session.

Speaking on this occasion, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb emphasised the benefits of reading and its impact on the students. He also spoke about how reading books will help students to improve their vocabulary, communication and public speaking skills. He encouraged the young learners to develop the habit of reading books and widen their knowledge on various aspects of the world.

Ms. Sushma Harish the spokesperson for the workshop is an ambassador for promoting holistic and comprehensive learning in children by organizing various workshops at different educational institutions and organisations. She strives to promote reading, public speaking skills, speech sessions and creative writing skills among students.

During the workshop, Ms. Sushma Harish spoke to the students about the benefits of reading books. She focused on how to analyse a text and interpret the Title of the books, its genre and illustrations. Students were introduced to the books of different genres written by famous authors. Ms. Sushma mentioned how Blurb influences the readers and creates curiosity in them.

Students were encouraged to come forward and speak on the given topics in front of the audience to boost their self-confidence. Engaging and fun-filled activities were conducted during the workshop. Interesting video clips focusing on the different qualities of a good reader also kept the young learners engaged.

Ms. Sushma Harish made use of phrases from her debut book ‘Kismet’ to inspire the students. A quiz session was also conducted and Handcrafted bookmarks were given to the winning students. The two-day fruitful and engaging workshop helped the young enthusiasts and learners to enhance their vocabulary and develop an interest in them for reading. The program was compered by Ms. Sharon Soans, Ms. Nanthini and Ms. Sana Sayeed. Mr. Sajid Shamim, Headmaster, Junior Section coordinated the workshop.

Author: ideal school