The Scouts and Guides of Ideal Indian School actively participated in the ‘JOTA-JOTI EVENT’ organized by the ‘World Scout Organization’ and represented by the ‘Global JOTA Management Team’ utilizing modern communication technology on Saturday, October 21, 2023. JOTA-JOTI is a youth program designed for young people in Scouting of all ages. The primary objective of JOTA-JOTI is to facilitate and encourage Scouts and Guides from around the world to communicate with each other through amateur radio and the internet, providing an enjoyable and educational Scouting experience. Five scouts and five guides from Ideal Indian School, specifically Bhavith Babu, Abubaker Tayyabuddin, Shiva Sunil, Ahmed Bushra, Rohit Cheriyan from the Boys section, and Akshaya Jayakhosh, Shreya Saravanan, Safa Shaikh, Rawan, and Riti Doshi from the Girls section, attended the event. They were accompanied by Ms.
Suman Panwar (Guides Incharge) and Mr. Saleem (Teacher, Boys Section).

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