Ideal Indian school produced outstanding results in the CBSE Class XII Board Examination. Out of 261 students who appeared for the examinations, 162 students secured Distinction while 82 students got First Class. Safa Fathima topped with 96.8% in the Science Stream, followed by Noorel Huda Marwan with 96.4%. The third topper in the Science stream is Rishikesh Sarkar with 96.2%.

In the Commerce Stream, Anandithaa Devi M V secured the top position with 95.2% followed by Maryam Mohammed Ali Nasser with 91.8% and the third position is secured by Fatma Sana Yusuf with 90.8%.

Amina Hafiz emerged topper in the Humanities Stream with 92.2% while Fatma Shahad secured second position with 90.4% and third by Fida Zuhair with 89.6%.


ENGLISH – 99 % : Roshna Manoj

PHYSICS – 95 %: Rishikesh Sarkar, Kalyan Alle, Noorel Huda Marwan, Safa Fathima & Fathimath Hisana

CHEMISTRY – 99%: Safa Fathima

BIOLOGY – 98% : Suhaina

MATHEMATICS – 95% : Rishikesh Sarkar, Kalyan Alle, Ahmed Khalid Bastami ,Safa Fathima, Fathimath Hisana, Aysha Haya & J. Ida Jemi

INFORMATICS PRACTICES – 100% : Kalyan Alle, Ryan David D’souza, Ali Bin Ahmed Katheri , Sajeeh Abdussamad, Eissa Ibrahim, Noorel Huda Marwan, Dhilna Anvar, Daniya Gulzar Alam Khan, Shahd Muhammad Afsar, Fatima Farooqi, Fatma Sana Yusuf, Maryam Mohammed Ali Nasser, Mohammed Sahal & Anandithaa Devi M V

HOME SCIENCE – 98% : Ramsha Khanam & Hana Shan

ENGINEERING GRAPHICS – 99% : Mary Stenicka Fernando

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – 97% : Asma Zain Mohaiyadeen M & Mahasen Walid Omer

ACCOUNTANCY – 94% : Anandithaa Devi M V

BUSINESS STUDIES – 95% : Anandithaa Devi M V & Ashikul Islam Mondal

ECONOMICS – 97% : Mohammed Saahir

HISTORY – 93 % : Devananda D. S

PSYCHOLOGY – 97% : Amina Hafiz

The School Chairman, President and the Principal congratulated the students and lauded the efforts of the staff.

Author: ideal school