A special morning assembly was recently conducted for the students of the girls’ section, providing a platform for them to come together in a spirit of unity and inspiration. The assembly was meticulously organized, engaging in various activities and messages aimed at holistic development and motivation. Afrin Salma (XI-F) led the proceedings of the assembly with grace and enthusiasm, ensuring smooth transitions between segments and keeping the audience engaged throughout. Farha Naz (VIII J) commenced the assembly with a soulful prayer, invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Meghna Viju (XI-F) shared the thought for the day. Samriddhi Panwar (VIII-L) delivered the latest news updates, keeping everyone informed and aware of current events and developments. Deann Menezes (XI F) delivered a compelling speech on the value of the week, inspiring students to embody and uphold the core values promoted by the school. The Principal, Mr. Shaikh Shamim Saheb, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of academic excellence, character development, and participation in extracurricular activities for overall growth and success. The Vice Principal, Dr. Nazima Bi, and Headmistress, Ms. Khatija T C of the Girls’ Section, shared words of motivation, instilling confidence and determination in the students to pursue their goals. Ms. Suman Panwar coordinated a session of freehand exercises with students from classes XI and XII, promoting physical fitness and well-being among the students. The assembly concluded with the school anthem performed by the School Choir, fostering a sense of pride and unity among all present.

Author: ideal school