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School Student Council

The IIS Student Council is a group of 14 students elected by their peers to conduct school activities and service projects. As the voice of the student body, the council works closely with the school administration to ensure that student concerns and opinions are heard. The council also sponsors programs that contribute to school spirit and student community welfare.


Boys’ Section

Head Boy – Ibrahim Ahmad
Asst. Head Boy – Ahmed Mohd. Faisal
Cultural Secretary – Ebenezar Ranjan
Sports Secretary – Fahad Abdullah
Asst. Cultural Secretary – Ihab Naushad
Asst. Sports Secretary – Shahzad Hassan
Head Prefect – Aromal Narayanan
Head Scout – Abin Kuriakose Biju
Asst. Head Sout – Immanuel Shibu.


Girls’ Section

Head Girl – Hanin Shamsheer
Asst. Head Girl – Mary Stenicka
Cultural Secretary – Anjali Devi
Sports Secretary – Aseel Mohamedosman
Asst. Cultural Secretary – Dhilna Anvar
Asst. Sports Secretary- Annmary Deljo
Head Prefect- Sneha Anna Mathew
Head Guide- Amina Zenna Asif
Asst. Head Guide- Anandithaa Devi