Ideal Indian School recently concluded ‘Spotlight 2023′ a week-long talent hunt program aimed at nurturing the artistic talents of its students. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of more than 2000 students in 27 different competitions, which encompassed areas such as Drawing, Literary Arts, and Performing Arts, with separate categories for boys and girls. Students from the Junior, Boys’, and Girls’ Sections were categorized into four groups: Kids, sub-junior, junior, intermediate, and senior. The competition featured a wide range of events, including Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, Painting, Rangoli, Mime Play, and Literary Competitions such as Poem Recitation, Storytelling, Elocution, and Extempore Speaking. Additionally, there was a special competition for Muslim students, including Tajweed, Hifz, and Azan, emphasizing the importance of religious education and promoting a deeper understanding.

Spotlight 2023′ was a remarkable event that celebrated the multifaceted talents of Ideal Indian School’s students. It provided a platform for them to shine and share their artistic and creative abilities, fostering a culture of appreciation for the arts and cultural diversity within the school community

Author: ideal school