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In a spectacular ceremony held recently at the school, the students’ councils of Boys’, Girls’ and
Junior Sections for the year 2022-23 were administered the oath of their office by the Principal Mr.
Syed Shoukath Ali.

Members of the Student Councils are:

Boys’ Section: Head Boy – Ibrahim Ahmad, Asst. Head Boy – Ahmed Mohd. Faisal, Cultural
Secretary – Ebenezar Ranjan, Sports Secretary – Fahad Abdullah, Asst. Cultural Secretary – Ihab
Naushad, Asst. Sports Secretary – Shahzad Hassan , Head Prefect – Aromal Narayanan, Head Scout
– Abin Kuriakose Biju and Asst. Head Sout – Immanuel Shibu.
Girls’ Section: Head Girl – Hanin Shamsheer, Asst. Head Girl – Mary Stenicka, Cultural Secretary –
Anjali Devi, Sports Secretary – Aseel Mohamedosman, Asst. Cultural Secretary – Dhilna Anvar, Asst.
Sports Secretary- Annmary Deljo, Head Prefect- Sneha Anna Mathew, Head Guide- Amina Zenna
Asif and Asst. Head Guide- Anandithaa Devi
Apart from these, Prefects, House Captains, Vice Captains and Sports Captains from the four
Houses of Boys’, Girls’ and Junior Sections were also sworn into their offices. Activity Coordinator,
House Coordinators and Housemistresses were also inducted on the occasion. Ms. Nisha Raj, Ms.
Rajula V.P and Mr. Anwar Sadath are the House Coordinators of Junior, Girls’ and Boys’ Sections
In his keynote address Principal, Mr.Syed Shoukath Ali appreciated and congratulated the newly
elected members. He reminded them of their responsibilities towards their school, fellow students,
their country and the world at large

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