Speech Therapy

Ideal Indian School introduced a section for hearing impaired children in year 2000. In the beginning there were 4 hearing-impaired children of different ages who were admitted to this school. At present there are 12 children. Hearing-impaired children need regular speech therapy sessions to learn how to communicate as well as to succeed academically. At present seven hearing-impaired children and five others with mild speech impairment who are given speech therapy are in the mainstream.

Each speech therapy session lasts 45 minutes. These students attend speech therapy sessions at least thrice a week or more depending on their requirement. Speech Therapist works in coordination with the respective class teachers and try to help the children to improve upon their weak points. Different activities, books and objects are used during the lessons. Hearing-impaired children need lots of visualization and repetition.

Every topic and subject is explained to them with the help of books showing the objects or giving them required practical training. The practical training involves audiometry (teaching them to hear various sounds of environment and speech) as well as memory development skills. Children born with hearing loss have the same communication needs and potential for developing language and becoming literate as children with normal hearing do. Parents are becoming increasingly aware that children with any amount of hearing loss can develop oral communication skills – the skills necessary for successful integration into the society.