Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation

Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of the society.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced the school based assessment scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as a part of its examination reforms programme.

CCE refers to a system of evaluating students covering all aspects of students' development. The scheme attempts to cover both 'Scholastic' and 'Co-Scholastic' areas.

Assessment in Scholastic areas is done informally and formally using multiple techniques of evaluation continually and periodically. The diagnostic evaluation takes place at the end of term/unit by tests. Assessment in Co-Scholastic areas is done using multiple techniques on the basis of identified criteria using indicators of Assessment and checklists. Scholastic aspects include curricular areas or subject specific areas, whereas Co-Scholastic aspects include life skills, co-curricular capabilities, attitudes and values. All assessments in academic status are done in marks and overall assessment shown in grades.

CCE gives due importance to the student centered learning and this system helps them locate their own hidden potentials and present them in a unique style of their own. The world outside the school demands technocrats who use their brains along with their minds and the CCE scheme of CBSE aims at doing just that.